Thanks for a Great Top Toons New Year's Day Marathon!
Stay Tooned for the Winners!

The New Toon Year is here -- we hope everyone enjoyed the fireworks as much as we did! From the

looks of how busy it was Toons were also having a blast with the Top Toons New Year's Day Marathon. Thanks for making New Year's Day so much fun!

Now that the marathon has ended we are busy tabulating the winners, and the turnout this year was so strong that we are calling in the assistance of our trusty friends from the "Many Analytical Toons Happily Sorting and
Furiously Unifying Numbers" Society (M.A.T.H.S.F.U.N.) to help tally the results. Those Toons really can count so we should have the winners soon.

Remember the top Toon in each Top Toons category (except Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot,
and Bossbot Victories) during each hour of the one-day event will win an exclusive Top Toons Marathon shirt for their Toon! So stay Tooned for the winners who will be announced here soon.